Wednesday, April 15, 2009 "STYLE QUIZ"

Quiz by: April

Answer 5 quick questions
Keep track of the letters you get most frequently and
find which boutiques you should be shopping in!

1. What is your favorite magazine?
A. Lucky
B. Vogue
C. Cosmo
D. US Weekly
E. Whatever is in my pediatrician's office.

2. Your dream house would be...
A. A loft in a soon to be trendy neighborhood.
B. A penthouse apartment on 5th Avenue.
C. On the beach, with tons of room for parties.
D. Next door to Brad and Angelina.
E. Clean!

3. Which of these designers best represent your style?
A. Missoni, Marc Jacobs, and anything vintage.
B. Coco, Louis, and Manolo.
C. Roberto Cavalli, Herve Leger, and Sky
D. Lauren Conrad, LAMB by Gwen Stefani, and Jessica Simpson
E. 7 for all Mankind, True Religion, Ella Moss

4. What color are your nails right now?
A. Hmmm...what color ARE my nails right now?
B. Manicured and neutral
C. Pink & White by Happy Nails!
D. Gunmetal like Mischa Barton
E. Sparkly pink like my daughter's.

5. How much did you pay for your last purse?
A. In the neighborhood of $250.
B. Don't ask...
C. I don't carry one - I like to have my hands free.
D. Under $50.
E. By purse you mean diaper bag, right? are your results....drum roll please....

Mostly A's:

You pride yourself in your personal style. You are willing to try anything once, but typically stick with basics with style and collect accessories like a madwoman. You have never met a vintage store you didn't love and are not concerned with who makes the piece as long as it is unique. You should be frequenting Patina, LF Stores, Dali, The Hive, Lola Rouge, Red Balloon, goat, The Black Flamingo, Michael Nusskern and Blue Eyed Girl.

Mostly B's:

Chic, classic, and always put together. Your closet is filled with pieces that will go the distance, and you have been known to buy multiples of your staples. You are always aware of what the current trend is, but few make their way into your regular wardrobe. You should be stalking Twice the Style, their inventory of designer goods is increasing in direct relation to the economy. Also check out Shopgirls by Lisa & Helen, ENVY Boutique, Laguna Supply, H. Laguna Beach, Trio,and LANIS boutique for great designer shoe options.

Mostly C's:

Hey party girl! You love shopping with the girls, especially before a big night out. You know what works for your body and are not afraid to show it off. Your closet is filled with color and you love a great pair of heels you can dance in. No sleepy lounges for you, you need a loud beat and a party atmosphere. Before your next night out swing by Randy, La Diva, Duo, Queen Bee, Pink Laundry, Tootsies for rockin' heels and H. Laguna Beach if you want to invest in the hottest event dresses.

Mostly D's:

You thrive on the ever changing worlds of celebrity style. You would love to hang out at Coffee Bean with Perez and dish about what celebs are doing and wearing. You are a style chameleon and are always the first to wear a trend. You don't want to spend a lot on your clothes, since you will be on to the next thing before you know it. Check out Dali, Fields 4 Dreams, Muse, Blue Eyed Girl, Lola Rouge, Tres Chic, Two Fifty Four, Tootsies and Girl Talk!, for reasonable options that will quench trendy thirst.

Mostly E's:

Obviously you are a Mom on the go. It's not that you don't want to have style, it's just I change my clothes or feed the dog? Function is first, style is second. You have a uniform that works, and on rare boutiquing trips, you look for pieces that pass the carpool test, you know, nothing too young, nothing uncomfortable, and certainly nothing my kids would wear!
If you can believe it, many boutiques cater to YOU! Check out The Red Balloon (for you and the kiddos), and don't miss their warehouse! Also Blue Eyed Girl, Angel Wings, Sienna Brown, and UNA, for casual, comfortable basics that work for everyday.

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