Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sienna Brown - Spectacular Service & Style

Newport Beach, Orange County Boutique Pique
By: April Madigan @ Boutiquing

My latest stop into Sienna Brown introduced me to one of my new favorite things...a reliable and relatable sales person by the name of Brittany. As I shopped this bright and airy boutique, she was there with all of the knowledge and expertise I always hope to find. As you know, the reason I love boutiquing is learning about unique designers and their stories. Erin and I laugh at how much designer info I have acquired through my avid boutiquing, and Brittany gave me even more!

So, here is the run down - the boutique is large and open - one of the most stroller friendly and roomy on the block. I found a beautiful line of knits from Turkey (thank you Brittany), called Eternal Child. This line rivals Missoni in its beautiful textures, creative styles, and one of a kind feel. As I was trying this new find on, I requested a black slip dress...Brittany was there - and she delivered! Next I was trying on the new white trouser jean from Serfontaine, only to realize Brittany had added the new version from True Religion as well - gotta love a girl who gives you options! By the way, the ones she chose were way better...

Other highlights in this boutique include, artsy silk pieces from Chan Luu, new and unique silk tops by Johnny Was, AMAZING wide belts from Linea Pelle (perfect over Lauren Conrad's mini dress), and a brand new shipment from Young, Fabulous, and Broke. Sienna Brown also carries sizes XS-XL and denim 26-32. Many of the pieces I tried on were too big...never a bad thing, but something to keep in mind here - grab a smaller size:) Also in store...great pants by Georgie, see the line on Style File here:

Sienna Brown
Corona Del Mar Plaza
936 Avocado Ave.
Newport Beach, CA 92660


Mon - Sat

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