Monday, April 27, 2009

Mi Place - Experience and an Eye for Style

Newport Beach Boutique Pique
by: April Madigan @ Boutiquing

My first trip to the legendary Mi Place boutique in Newport, was so different than I expected. Typically I can sense the boutique vibe of a place on the walk from the car. Mi Place completely threw me for a loop. When I set foot inside this large, well established boutique, I immediately had the feeling that I was shopping in a stylists showroom. The range of designers housed in "this" place certainly added to boutiquing excitement.

Each piece I picked up thrilled me more than the last. There are knits from Missoni, blouses by Madison Marcus, the best dresses by Black Halo (and a long black jumpsuit that I died over...if I were 5'9", it would have been mine). There are numerous denim options as well - J Brand and Current/Elliot were the highlights. I couldn't leave without trying on the new torn up style Current/Elliot has become famous for - they are as amazing as everyone says by the way. While I was trying on, they were unpacking a new shipment of MiH denim, one of the hot new celebrity favorites, I was so pleased when they handed me a few styles in my size - gotta love a store that gives customers different options. Among the great clothing selection is a couture like collection of evening wear (most by Roberto Cavalli) and the greatest selection of statement jewelry - if you have an event coming up, get styled here!

The best part of this boutique experience was the personal attention I received from co-owner Iris. Talk about a woman who knows how to style up an outfit. She wore her Current/Elliots with the chicest pair of ankle boots and great white shirt - the woman oozes fashion. And for good reason, she and her business partner Mary (also sister-in-laws) have owned their boutiques for 35 years! Read their story here. I am thinking they might be on to something here...and double bonus for the fact that they were BOTH in the store and helping their customers like no one else can!

Mi Place
916 Avocado Ave.
Newport Beach, CA


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  1. April

    I didn't know they had J-Brand? I SOOO have stop in there, I love how those jeans fit. Maybe that's where I can find a pair of dark straight legs...did you see any?

    Is Mi Place in the same center as Gulf Stream and Tommy Bahamas??


  2. I am sure you would find the J Brand straight legs there! And their denim is merchandised by size! So helpful...Mi Place is just a few stores away from Tommy Bahama.