Monday, March 30, 2009

Red Balloon - A great place to "pop" in!

Review by: April
Okay, can I be totally honest about something??? I have been avoiding the Red Balloon boutique for 3 years now, because I knew deep down I would become obsessed with it. The gifts I have received from this store are my all time favorites and my bank account requested that I STAY AWAY! Well...last week, I walked in. I knew I would love it there. Darn.

First of all, the place is busy. Boutiquing has been somewhat of a solo sport lately, but at Red Balloon, I was in good company. As usual, I checked out the girls stuff first - awesome stuff from jottum, Chipie, Little Marc, and Juicy (and not just the terry sweats...). However, those of you who know me, know that I judge the success of a kids boutique on their boys side, The Red Balloon soars. Not only is the boy's side EQUAL in size, it has the girls side beat as far as unique designers and great style. There are tons of options from Catimini, Okkies (their drawstring pant is THE best for boys), Joe's Jeans (from 6 months up), OC based Kingsley, C&C, Splendid, 3 Pommes, I could literally go on and on.

Another fantastic surprise...the Women's section! Hello! The entire back of the store (which I assumed was maternity) is for ME! Jam packed with pieces from Language, Sweetees, Paige Jeans, Susanna Monaco, Frock! by Tracy Reese, and maxi dresses by Ella Moss.

BUT WAIT! The best part....The Red Balloon has a WAREHOUSE!!! Yes, I happened to be in the store on a Thursday and they casually mentioned they had a warehouse sale going on down the street. I grabbed a map and left a few tire skid marks in the parking lot, sorry about that.

Okay. The warehouse. You have NO idea. AMAZING...once I found it. It is off of 17th & Babcock - basically on the opposite side of Newport Blvd. from the retail store. There are a few little signs in the grass, and you have to go around to the back of the building. I drove by twice, it just didn't look open. Here is a picture of the door.

It is literally a giant place filled with racks (well organized by size), and there was no one else there. Lucky for me my son was asleep in the stroller - so I got to dig for over an hour. EVERYTHING is 65% off. We are talking every brand they have in the store - there were 12 racks of women's stuff alone! There is a little makeshift changing room under the stairs, and two full length mirrors. They even have a bathroom inside. I literally felt like I was at my own personal sample sale! I scored a dress from Luna Luna for my daughter, and great shirts for my son from Kingsley for almost nothing. There are tables filled with designer jeans for everyone and the fact that it isn't crazy busy, means it is well organized and easy to shop.

The Red Balloon Warehouse is open:
Tuesdays & Thursdays & the 1st Saturday of each month
9:00 - 2:30.
Boutiquing wisdom: all sales are final - so TRY IT ON! And they take cash and credit cards. Go now - this place will be discovered before you know it and has the potential to be a madhouse! Head to the retail store first, and grab a map - if you're lucky, your kid will fall asleep on the drive me this place won't disappoint.

The Red Balloon
1829 Westcliff Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660


  1. Thank you! This website is a gem. I'm having such a hard time finding baby boutiques in Orange County and I refuse to go to Babies R Us. Other than baby babaloo in Mission Viejo and the Red Balloon, is there anything else in the OC that I need to know about?

  2. YES! Mac & Madi in San Clemente is fabulous and FULL of great stuff! They also have an entire room dedicated to sale merchandise!