Friday, March 13, 2009

Girl Talk! - A Girl's Best Friend for Fashion

Lake Forest, Orange County Boutique Pique
By: April Madigan @ Boutiquing

I love a boutique that you can peek into under the guise of doing something else. Being the mother of two, I don't often have leisurely afternoons to hang out in boutiquing hot spots, so I have to take it where I can get it. The fact that Girl Talk! is in the same shopping center as my grocery store means I can always manage a little side trip. On my last grocery run, I peeked in and was happy to see an unusual mix of the boho line Free People, mixed with some great pieces by MM Couture (by Miss Me). For those of you who remember the HUGE Miss Me craze, these are not the same designs of old. About a year ago the brand scaled back their sales to a more select group of boutiques, and focused their designs on higher end production and fabrics. The pieces I saw at Girl Talk! (most priced under $100) were pretty darn adorable.

Girl Talk! also has a large selection of one of my favorite under the radar denim lines, Sang Real. These jeans have universally flattering fit and retail under $75. ....I know!

If you are stuck in traffic at the Y, pull off at El Toro road, grab a Coffee Bean, and score a few great, guilt free pieces. Just don't forget to grab some groceries after you shop...I won't tell anyone where you were....

Girl Talk! Clothing
23628 El Toro Road #D
Lake Forest, CA 92630
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  1. April - I thoroughly second your rave review! A recent convert of the entire Orchard shopping area, my mom introduced me to this dynamically dangerous new "once you stop (in) you can't NOT shop" boutique and now I am aggressively addicted. GIRL TALK is a fabulous find for this dress devotee, attempting to also declare equality with denim and separates. The store boasts vibrancy in all their garments; my own personal candy store. LOVE the store; mad props to GIRL TALK and KUDOS to you! Yay all around!