Thursday, March 5, 2009

Boutique Shopping Strategies

Boutique shopping successfully is a true sport. I have had many days when I "scored" exactly what I hoped, and others when I "struck out". After a bit...okay A LOT of practice...I can share the tools for successful boutique shopping.
  1. Team up. Boutique shopping offers many opportunities for fashion risks. Bring someone you trust to help you figure out which looks you really can knock out of the park.
  2. Game plan. Put together a list of boutique possibilities, and start with a boutique you are comfortable with. It is always great to start a day of boutique shopping off with a successful stop. This will open you up to riskier stops without that "need" to buy something.
  3. Take a time out. Boutique shopping should be done at a leisurely pace. Many shops just need time to really show you what is inside - allow time for great stories from shop owners and sales people. These are the experiences that make boutique shopping unique.
  4. Take names. I cannot over emphasize the importance of grabbing a business card, or taking down the boutique's address and phone number. Many small boutiques are hard to find once you have left, and ALL of your friend's will want to know where you got that great jacket. Save yourself the hassle - get the info when you are there.
  5. Get the inside information. If you fall in love with everything in a boutique, talk up the owner or sales girl. Find out when they put out new shipments, when they mark things down, and if you can - stop by regularly. Most small boutiques only get things once, knowing someone on the inside will keep you from missing the best stuff.
Now you have boutique shopping in the bag!

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