Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Duo Boutique - Edgy Bling in Laguna

Duo Boutique - Laguna Beach,
Orange County Boutique Pique

By: Erin Hall @ Boutiquing


I get so excited when I find a new boutique, especially in Laguna where it seems I’ve seen them all. Duo Boutique pleasantly surprised me with a flirtatious mix of girlie bling and bad ass. My head started bopping the moment I walked in, an ultra cool house remix was pumping through the speakers. Instantly, my mood switched from lazy Saturday treasure hunting to where was I gonna go dancing that night and what hot little top would I find to wear.

Don’t let the small store front fool you, Duo uses every bit of space from the ceiling to the floor, so make sure your eyes scan every inch. I found an assortment of funky cut ReRock tanks, always adorable Romeo & Juliet Couture (the perfect addition to ANY wardrobe) and Edgy KRMA leather jackets that were screaming my name. Adorning the shelves above each rack were studded purses, embellished candles by Aglou, crystal skull flip flops and all things flashy, perfect for the women who loves attention.

Duo (the word also implies "a couple") has a selection of men’s clothing so that you and your man can have the same edgy flavor. A quarter of the store is dedicated to the man who likes accentuating his physique with fitted thermals, edgy tees, unique hoodies and thick silver jewelry by A&G (these bad boys aren’t cheap, but they sure do make a statement).

One of the most fascinating pieces I found (jewelry of course :) were these gold, band rings made out of recycled U.S. coins etched with words like believe, peace and love. You can be an eco-friendly recycler, encouraging, unique AND stylish for just $50.

731 S. Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

open 10-8 everyday

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