Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Boutique Local

By: April Madigan @ Boutiquing

I often daydream about my great boutiquing adventures...the small streets of Venice (all I have to say is....LEATHER), traversing NYC in search of that dress I saw in the magazine, the winding adobe lined streets of New Mexico, where I found my favorite, last for a lifetime, AMAZING belt...and a Halloween costume for my daughter – why not? In all of these experiences I reveled in feeling like one of the locals, chatting with shop owners, admiring their culture, and soaking it all in.

I am pretty sure very few of us are in a position to gallivant around Italy this year...and if we are, there will probably be no shopping, but I am comforted to know that I can continue having these experiences right here. Boutiquing in Laguna Beach, while comfortingly familiar, still takes on a vacation with the best of them feel – especially right now – gorgeous weather AND ample parking – nice! I also plan to head to previously undiscovered boutiquing destinations. I am excited to take in the beach scenes and relax while boutiquing for a day in Huntington Beach...sounds like an escape to me. Now is the time to rediscover the hidden gems we are surrounded by...and an added benefit...you get to come back anytime you want...no zip lock bag toting through security required!

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