Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trio - Escape into this OC Beach Boutique!

Trio - Newport Coast, Orange County Boutique Pique
by: April Madigan @ Boutiquing

Situated in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful hillsides of the Orange County coast line, is Crystal Cove Promenade. Nestled among the beautiful Italian style villas, and one of my favorite ocean cliffs (I married my hubby there 7 years ago), is a reliable source for boutiquing pleasure. After a flooded house last year, my family shacked up at the vacation villas in Newport Coast - rough, I know:) It was then that I discovered the lure of a certain consistently well stocked Crystal Cove boutique - Trio. Trio feels like the most amazing beach house, white on white, with simple accents that put the focus on the clothing. And this clothing deserves the focus! One peek inside this boutique, and suddenly my closet seemed bare and in need of replenishment.

Trio encapsulates the feeling of resort wear perfectly. This store is stocked with all of the elements for a fashionable day on the coast. You know, morning stroll for coffee...great boyfriend jeans by Current/Elliot and a casual Monroe cotton tank. Lunch with a friend at Pacific Whey...chic and girlie Mara Hoffman dress. Sunset margaritas overlooking the water at Javiers...J Brand Skinnies, sassy fringed tank by Dream T's, and a leather bomber by Young, Fabulous & Broke, just in case of chilly air. I really need to have this day soon...and Trio stocks all of this and more.

My sister was with me last time I went in, and she scored a perfect black top by Ella Moss for $40 - I am thinking Trio will now be heavy in her boutiquing rotation. I also spied great options for kids by Juicy and True Religion...AND...Trio recently debuted a customer rewards program... 10% of your purchase is put on a gift card, valid to be used on any purchase within 30, that means everything in the store is 10% off, right?!!

I know you are still imagining that perfect day in Crystal Cove, so call a friend and plan it up, and head over to Trio to complete the fantasy!

Crystal Cove Promenade
7876 East Coast Highway
Newport Beach, CA 92657


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  1. I love this store. It is my favorite in orange county!!!!!They always have the best stuff.

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