Friday, May 22, 2009

Stella - The Boutique We Desire

Laguna Beach, Orange County Boutique Pique
By: April Madigan @ Boutiquing

Picture this...4 women dressed to kill, strutting up PCH to Hush for the Lust for Life event when out of the corner of their eyes they spot undiscovered boutique!!! "Oooh....cute...look at that... how I have never seen this before..." were the exclamations heard in unison. Sorry to the girl who had to clean our fingerprints off the windows the next morning, we were desperate to get a look inside. Stella boutique is that trendy, feminine boutique we all dream of, with an air of casual "I always look this good" attitude we all aspire to. Erin and I stopped in a few days after the first sighting, and were giddy with excitement over what we found.

Walking up to the pane glass windows, I was struck by incredible pop of color pulling me in off the street...that and THE most adorable pair of gladiator sandals for kids I have ever seen...the type you buy even if you don't have kids, and use as bookends they are so precious! The stark white walls are filled with graphic black objects that play on the dynamic style of this boutique. In my former life I created visual displays for boutiques, and I was impressed by the amount of space dedicated to creative displays at Stella.

This place is fun to shop, and made me feel comfortable enough to try on some things that were risky...aka the jumpsuit. You know you want to as it here - there's a mirror in the dressing room, and they have a few options...all in have no idea what a black jumpsuit can do for a body - my new favorite go to piece! There is no shortage of super trendy items here, as well as premium denim by Seven and Paige (all $50.00 off right now), they also have some of the best versions of the trendiest accessories. I spotted a perfect fedora - wearable and chic, as well as great purses that one would swear cost the arm you hang it on. Not at all...prices were absolutely doable, and I kept on looking for the high price tags...this place looks like it would cost lots more to shop than it does.

Our experience here was made even better by Callan, the effortlessly chic stylista who was working when we were in. She was easy to talk to, friendly to everyone who entered, and truly enthusiastic about the boutique itself. If you are a person who longs to up the style quotient in your life, she would be a great person to help you do it.

As I mentioned, Stella is right next to Hush on PCH, opposite the ocean side. There are a few meter spots out front, and we had no trouble parking during the week...and additional meters along the surrounding streets.

812 S. Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Mon - Thur 11:30 - 6
Fri -Sat 11 - 7
Sunday 11 - 6

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  1. I adore this place! Even though it is small, I always find something I love and the review is dead on that it looks like it would cost you an arm and a leg, but it is super affordable. You have to check this place out when you are in Laguna.