Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mac & Madi - Big Store for the Little Ones

Review by: April
I will start by saying, if you have kids, know someone with kids, or hope to have kids...this boutique needs to be on your radar. Mac & Madi boutique in San Clemente is GIANT! Walking inside felt like I was entering someones cozy cottage, with each room dedicated to a different item made for kids. Not only is there a room of clothes; there is a shoe room, a toy room, a book room...a SALE room:) Every time I turned around, I found a new little room to explore - I counted 6 total.

I explored the clothing room first...the styles stocked here are fun and fancy, with a sense of humor. I saw tons of precious beaded shifts for the little "big girls" in your life, tees with 'tude for the little guys, and really cute beachy sets for the babies. What struck me was the equal distribution of great finds between boy and girl. Typically I love a boutique for their boy's side OR their girl's side...not here - I loved BOTH! Obviously they understand how to divide things equally...yes, it's owned by a Mom:)

Next, the shoe room - tons of choices - check. Great size range - check. Chairs for squirmy kids - check. This shoe section has all of the necessities and more!!

On to the toy room - amazing! Could really be it's own shop. Great old fashioned toys, games, and puzzles. All with that - "Where did you find that?" - vibe. Need a great, unique gift - get it here. On the other side of the store is a room filled with books - tons of titles from classic to current - for all ages. What a great addition to a truly complete boutique.

One of the highlights was the large sale room. The day I was in, everything was 65% off. Chloe scored an adorable My Sister Sam dress for $25. And, the nice thing about a store with this much inventory ...the sale rack is never picked over - there is enough turnover to always make it interesting!  (Being a Mon myself, you know I HAD to find something find something for Parker too....that's me in the picture, holding a perfect Run DMC tee for our little husband only puts this shirt on him now...)

This impressive boutique has two other MAJOR bonuses. Number one, excellent customer service. Susan was working the floor... ALONE... when I was there - she was amazing. The woman was flying around the store - grabbing shoes in one room, finding sizes in another, and the great thing is, she was warm and friendly the whole time. Number two, a bathroom. We all know this is vital when boutiquing with kids!

So really, doesn't Mac & Madi just have everything? Well, almost...maybe they can add a nap room...

Mac & Madi
203 Avenida Del Mar
San Clemente, California 92672


Mon-Wed 10-7
Thu-Fri 10-8
Sunday 10-6

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