Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Patina - A Dream Boutique

Costa Mesa, Orange County
Boutique Pique
By: Erin Hall @ Boutiquing

What could be more adorable and enticing than a small cottage home converted into a boutique? Tucked behind the car wash on 17th and Orange in Costa Mesa lives the greatest treasure house of boutiquing bliss ever...Patina! Jenny, the always smiling and refreshingly approachable creator of Patina, has mastered the art of collecting random pieces of furniture, artwork, clothing and accessories to create a dream boutique home to all things girlie, vintage, fun and unique.

For no other reason than to get lost in a world of visual splendor, Patina is a must see for those of you who are mesmerised by decadent decor. Eclectic and layered to WOW are the endless creative fixtures, you won't find a ounce of space that isn't over flowing with merchandising masterpieces. Asian bronze trees cloaked with sugar candy pearl necklaces, white ceramic owls buried under patterned silk scarves, messenger bags and skinny belts adorning linen forms and edgy denim draped over iron head boards are just a few of the eye catching displays throughout this 4 bedroom boutique. The newest addition and my vote for originality; bright orange goldfish swimming above purple rocks... perfectly placed in clear flower vases throughout the COOL is that! Moss covered window cabinets hang on the walls displaying the most original selection of vintage and current designer jewelry you have ever seen. From delicate to chunky, thank you Jenny (in yellow) for a wide range of prices and styles, making one of a kind jewelry a possibility for all budgets.

Monteau fringe tanks from $34, checkered silk frocks from Dolan, bold fuchsia scalloped neckline tops from L.K. Collection, ultra funky hoodies and 80's style tanks by 291, twisted humor and vintage pop culture tees from Vintage Vantage and bright, metallic and snakeskin swimsuits from Tyler Rose (...see 944 Trunk Show Photos) are just a small sampling of the numerous clothing highlights inside the walls of Patina.

I love finding little gifts at boutiques that don't break the bank. Whether it be a small thank you or birthday present with unique flair, I can always count on Patina to deliver the most adorable cards and special trinkets. In addition to the already fabulous merchandise and decor, Patina is famous for hosting special events, organizing huge sidewalk sales, debuting new designers, promoting trunk shows and throwing the most glamorous girlie parties, where the champagne flows and the cupcakes abound...make sure to check back on our "Boutique Events" page for upcoming events at this posh boutique!

Icing on the cake...Patina is known for its super fun staff, I've NEVER had a snobby boutique girl experience here. Ask for Kate, she loves her job, is full of excitement and made my boutiquing experience so memorable I didn't want to leave. Patina is also famous for their "bags". Yes, their selection of Hobo and other yummy leather handbags are to "diiiiie for Simba" but that's not what I'm talking about. Patina hand makes ALL their shopping bags, so you are sure to strut out with some crazy cute combo of lace, yarn or ribbon and high fashion photos so stunning you could frame it and hang it on your wall as artwork. Currently they are having a customer bag making contest!

178 Wells Place
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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