Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Freedom Communications - Apology

After a phone conversation with Jordan Gold, VP of Products and Content at Freedom Communications, regarding our post, "Freedom Communications - Knock it Off" ,Erin and I have now had the conversation we were hoping for. Mr. Gold apologized for the situation, and proposed a possible way to make it up to us. He offered a place on's shopping and style page dedicated to, containing our logo and an RSS feed of our blog...translated, that means the page would be constantly featuring our latest posts, but in a way that brings attention to and local boutique shopping.

Our dedication is to our mission, not to holding a grudge...and we will keep you posted as to our decision. We want to thank all of our loyal readers and fans for your support and encouragement and for rallying behind us, on what started out as a very disappointing day. We value your input tremendously and welcome any questions or concerns you may have.

It was important to Erin and me that all of our readers have a chance to see Freedom Communications formal apology. Below is the e-mail we received this evening.

I sincerely apologize for the unauthorized use of your content today. One of our employees violated our policies and our values by utilizing your content, without permission, and pasting it into our events engine. This is something we do not condone or foster, especially because, as a company, we see ourselves as defenders of property rights, including the intellectual property of content creators.

We have taken the unauthorized content off of our website. We have educated the staff member who did this. Please accept our apology.

Jordan Gold

VP Products and Content

Freedom Interactive


  1. April and Erin
    Kudos for taking the high rode!

  2. You are truly generous and good for you on the free advertising!
    I would have wanted some cash.

    I don't know if people steal things from the internet because they don't know any better or because they think no one will find out because the internet is so vast. That's just the thing - if a person finds something on the internet and uses it on the internet, someone will find you and find out you're using it!

  3. Congrats on a peaceful resolution!

  4. I hope by "educated the staff member who did this" they mean took them out back, but them in a burlap sack and beat them with reeds... or waterboarded them.

  5. I'm proud of you girls for handling this situation with elegance and grace and pleased to see that Freedom Communications played nice too :)

  6. It is a win for everyone.They learned something,you gained something and your clients will have more exposure.It is amazing how far an apology will go especially when it is warrented.Good job girls.Peace in the kingdom of gucci and prada...
    The Black
    Christy pacella

  7. Congratulations! You totally did the right thing, and you deserve to be recognized for your work! :)