Friday, May 29, 2009

Canopy Alley - Comfortable & Cute Casual

Review by: Erin
Canopy Alley, the name alone conjures up thoughts of comfort and ease and that's just what I felt when shopping this boutique in Ladera Ranch. In addition to the adorable and affordable cotton casuals and soft knit basics, Canopy Alley is a favorite of hip Ladera Ranch mommies because the back corner is spacious and loaded with goodies dedicated to entertaining the kiddos. In my past life I managed boutiques, and I perfected the "Art of Distraction" for antsy toddlers and energy overloaded middle schoolers so moms could enjoy some shopping peace (if only a few minutes, it was always appreciated). So you can say, I have a warm place in my heart for a boutique that caters to the woman who rarely gets time for herself.

There is something especially friendly and relaxed about Canopy Alley. Maybe it's the amazingly low prices for trendy pieces like tie dye maxi dresses and embroidered summer tunics.
Or maybe it's the hand picked
selection of earrings, necklaces and purses under $50 to perfectly match a bright yellow ruffled tank top with crystal buttons. Or maybe it's the warm greeting you receive when you step in the door. Or maybe it's just the perfect combination of all the above that makes Canopy Alley so inviting.

Canopy Alley is a sure bet for feminine cotton lace and embroidering detailed tops from Language Los Angeles, soft Charlotte cardigans and perfectly sweet and budget satisfying summer dresses from Unit. For those who need functional fashion without sacrificing style, you'll find stretch camis in every color imaginable and lounge wear from local clothing designer Spiritual Fitness with uplifting mantras like "Inner Peace" and "Be Strong".

As a savvy shopper, I found their customer incentive program very appealing and encouraging. Canopy Alley gives 10% back on any purchase made in the form of a gift certificate for the following month. So for example, you spend $100 in May, you'll have $10 towards your next purchase in June. We like incentives, now don't we boutiquers ;)

Next time you stop by Canopy Alley, make sure and ask for Chelsea. Although she leaves at the end of summer for fashion school, you don't want to miss out on her sweet demeanor and natural ability to style you according to your personal taste and needs. Look how cute she wrapped up my multi-chain silver necklace with lavender tulle bow and super cute key chain for FREE...Reiterating, we like incentives now DON'T we boutiquers!

Canopy Alley
27702 Crown Valley Parkway #C2
Ladera Ranch, CA 92694


  1. I LOVE Canopy Alley! They always have cute and affordable tops and dresses. Inventory is always fresh and I do love the fact you can get a gift on the fly because they package everything so nicely. Don't forget the accessories - I got my favorite sunglasses from there last year and the jewelry is always unique. Thanks Canopy... great to see you have lots of Orange County boutique fans!

  2. Im IN LOVE with this Ladera Ranch Boutique! I drive all the way from Costa Mesa to see the hot new items as often as possible. The stylists will make sure you dont leave without a full ensemble to rock!

    I love the cute dresses and jewelry to match anything and love to get new Spiritual Fitness numbers for loungin and workin out too!

  3. I love Canopy Alley. I just picked up some super comfy jeans and capris for the summer with stylish but casual shirts. The people there are always friends and the kids section does keep my two occupied. Fabulous review, I love it!

  4. Canopy Alley is the best! As mentioned above the staff is friendly and know what they are talking about when it comes to fashion!! I moved from California to Colorado three years ago and when I come back to visit I go back to Canopy Alley to shop every time. The prices are great and the store is well organized and inviting. Oh and the kid section in the back truly is a lifesaver :)

  5. Lobe love love Canopy Alley! The owner, workers and clothing are all amazing and very flattering.
    I get my whole wardrobe there. Whenever I have an event I go there and the ladies dress me, jewlery and all!

  6. Overpriced OC fad lifestyle clothing outlet. Owner and workers are rude and unhelpful, just another shop that will close soon.

  7. Nice to see only friends of the owner are giving good reviews.