Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Patina - Secret Sombrero Sale!

Details from: Erin
As if Cinco de Mayo alone wasn't
fun and festive enough,
the always creative,
always unique,
comes up a Secret Sombrero Sale!

On May 5th, every customer at Patina got the exhilarating opportunity to dip their dainty fingers in the world's largest sombrero and pull out a secret discount card.
10, 15, 20, 30 and 50% coupons waited to be chosen and I was feeling lucky!
I pulled a 30% off coupon and my friend Lauren was the.....
ding ding ding....ring the bell!
(remember it WAS Cinco De Mayo, the spicy just comes out in all of us ;)
I was a tad jealous...ok, more like hot as habanero salsa mad, especially considering the Patina stop was MY idea. But I cooled down when I saw how excited she she was to get an Anna Beck necklace (her most favorite jewelry designer) at 50% OFF.

Thanks to Kate and Ali, the most adorable, festive and funny boutique girls at Patina for a memorable day! See you soon, for the next innovative affair at Patina.

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