Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why Boutique Now?

Everywhere we look, retailers are cutting jobs, reducing store hours, and closing multiple locations, if not closing completely. If this is what the "big guys" are facing, imagine what your favorite local boutique is up against. We have a real opportunity to make every dollar spent count right now. If there were ever a time to rally behind our local businesses, the time is now.

One look at the Orange County Register's OC Retail Blog, and it is clear that many shopping options will be no more by the end of the year - or sooner.

Yikes. Target is great and all, but please let's hope there are other shopping options this time next year. So, buy that gift card for your coworker at her favorite boutiquing spot. It kills two birds with one stone! If boutiquing makes you think of snobby shop girls and pricey price tags - fear not. A new and long overdue crop of customer service focused help has arrived at nearly every boutique around - and the prices are noticeably reduced across the board.

Don't forget to support and spread the word about your favorite little boutiquing spot - think of it as your own "boutiquing stimulus plan" - and yes, you may quote that to your husband when justification is necessary.

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  1. I try to shop locally as much as I can - we have even fewer shops here in Tucson. Every bit helps!