Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blue Windows - Take a Peek at Rustic Comfort

New Belmont Shore Boutique Pique
By: Erin @ Boutiquing

You know the overwhelming awe that falls upon your eyes when walking into Anthropologie ...the splendor of crafty creations from ceiling to floor, stunningly unique home decor and vintage inspired jewelry to die for... well Blue Windows in Belmont Shore is THAT feeling in a boutique. Like a country farm house meshed with modern accents and vintage detailed furniture, this boutique offers a lush landscape of pieces that demand a closer look.

Blue Windows is a bit of boho meets euro. "Boho", as in rustic and "Euro", as in clean lines and simple staples. Like Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe when she visited Aidan's cabin in the woods, you'll find comfortable, homey, easy natural style clothing and accessories...the kind of pieces that look lived in with pleasure. Unlike Carrie's adventure, rest assured a delightful experience awaits you at Blue Windows. Delicately embroidered Serena & Lily tops, colorful and quirky Free People, Glam Vintage Soul silk slips and cotton dresses and comfortable Kasil denim in a multitude of cuts and colors.

In this boutique, it's all about great fabrics, quality leathers and handmade pieces with a story to tell. Mixed in with wild flowers and green grass, Blue Windows has the most incredible selection of local eco fabulous jewelry designers including Alkemie made from 100% recycled metals and hammered gold Indian inspired creations from Me & Ro. Ultra yummy and suple leather hand bags from Beth Singer, tactile and tempting purses made from recycled 1970's automobile interiors by Kim White and a rack of belts so vast in hue and style April and I spent considerable time picking our favorite (the final pick... an olive colored leather belt so soft and stunning it made the $48 price tag the ultimate shocker, we guessed over $150...we were delighted to be wrong ;).

Cute as pie is Blue Window's back corner dedicated to the kiddos. We saw for the first time eco-friendly and organic cotton Petuna Pickle Bottom Sojourn Slings, you can expect these to fly off the shelves. For the world traveling tots, globally inspired and chic mix and match pieces from Tea and concert inspired tops and bottoms from Kingsley - perfect for dressing your rockstar mini man.

Don't be shocked to walk out and realize you've been in this boutique for hours, there's THAT much fun stuff. Blue Windows stocks ornately detailed and delightfully aromatic candles, gourment cookbooks, creative kitchen gadgets, invitations so fabulous you'll plan a party on the spot, glittered gift cards and coin purses so adorable you'll grab one for each of your closest girlfriends. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm moved to write a handwritten thank you note to Blue Windows for creating such a cozy, comfortable and crafty cabin of boutiquing beautitude.

Blue Window
5276 E. 2nd Street
Long Beach, CA 90803
(Belmont Shore)

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