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Knowing that Orange County's unemployment rate has now hit 9.2%, many of us are on the job hunt and with plenty of competition. A fab resume, great referrals, and stellar interview skills are obviously most important right now, but there is also the angle of standing out from the crowd of potential candidates that seem to be lining up for every job. Look to your wardrobe to make that lasting impression throughout the interview process, and feel confident and memorable by presenting the MOST professional version of yourself. So, if you haven't taken our style quiz, take it HERE (I know, more questions about yourself...but it's fun, promise). Remember your Style Letter and check out your interview look.

A: Aspiring Stylist

Play on your creative side. Many employers are looking for people that can fill multiple roles within their company. Use your adept eye for unusual color combinations and your artistic style to show that you have an eye for design. One statement accessory is all you need, and keep the bag and shoes neutral so you are memorable for your personality and polished appearance, not the 12 bangles on your wrist.

B: Best of the Best

Now is the time to pull out your BEST black pencil skirt and shiny heels that make you walk taller and exude confidence. A potential employer needs to feel instinctively that you are capable and trustworthy. A sophisticated outfit with strong accessories shows that you mean business, and the blue blouse is possibly THE most flattering color on everyone! Don't forget your watch, it shows that time is important to you...and every employer will appreciate that.

C: Celebrating Sexy

As tempting as it may be to be a little sexy in an interview, don't risk coming off as flippant. Show your feminine side in a ruffle front blouse in a serious shade, and balance the look with well cut black pants. Add in a stylish shoe and express your sexy side in a luxe animal print bag. Err on the side of conservative and let your sparkling personality be the blinged out part if the outfit:) Most employers are looking for the best person for the job, as well as an addition to an established team, so don't forget that your "fit in with anyone" personality could cinch the job!

D: Daring Dabbler

Seems like most of our Daring Dabbler's are on the young side, so it is important that you strive for a polished professional look. That said, DO NOT borrow a black suit from someone and blend into the background. Put together a twist on a suit by pairing a modern print dress with a knee length hem and a belted black jacket to finish the look. A great pair of black heels and a delicate necklace will show that you put thought into the attribute employers are ALWAYS
looking for, regardless of your age.

E: Everyday Ease

Put the jeans down...put the black dress down...put the button up shirt down... This is your opportunity to look like the stylish woman you are. Regardless of the type of interview you are going on, a flattering print dress will do the job. A dark pattern is great camouflage and neutral heels lengthen the leg. Even if it has been a while since you interviewed for a job, think of all the life experience you can now offer your potential employer, not to mention your professional problem solving ability. Let them be shocked to find out that you have 2 kids at home, and keep your cell phone close in your working woman case the babysitter calls:)

See other "What to Wear" event outfit suggestions or leave a comment below if you have an event/occasion you'd like us to create looks for.

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