Tuesday, August 4, 2009

DOPPOCHIC - Wallet Friendly Wonders Await

New Belmont Shore Boutique Review
by April @ Boutiquing.com

Venturing out into uncharted boutiquing territory, also known as Belmont Shore, I casually said to Erin..."every boutique should have a striped awning out front so we know there is a girly place to shop in sight". No more than two minutes later, we pulled up in front of Doppochic, and burst out laughing when we both looked up at it's prominent black and white awning pulling our focus inside like a laser beam. This adorable little shop evoked effervescent memories of my childhood interpretation of our neighborhood carnival. The almost periwinkle walls painted with swirly gilt frames serve as a perfect backdrop for the chorus line of inflated sea creatures dangling above like a prizes to be won. Further back in this bursting boutique are two cabana fitting rooms that top the circus carnival feel. Striped canvas covers the sides and I can imagine a day dreamy afternoon lounging amidst the whimsical wonders of this magical place...I however, was there for one reason...to shop!

The style here feels international in it's vibe. Lots of great authentic Indian style tunics by Moon Collection are displayed on metal racks, each bar covered in delicate silk wrapped like a dancer twirling her ribbon in the air. There is also an assortment of casual and comfortable cotton and linen jumpsuits that would pack perfectly for any getaway near or far. Boyfriend style button downs by The Hanger are perfect to throw on over one of the many mix and match Brazilian bikinis displayed in the entrance. Much of the trinket like jewelry is priced so even on the tightest of budgets, there is room for a little splurge here. One of the best finds, a snake bracelet that winds around the wrist in the most charming way, for the easy to swallow price of $24.

Doppochic, which translated means "double style" is the perfect place to stop in when getting ready for a relaxed getaway, whether staycation or tropical destination. There are plenty of fashionable options for less that $75, and the atmosphere itself they could charge admission for. Don't miss the creative clutches and French market style shopping baskets that would make me feel double chic at Trader Joe's this week! The best part about this easy to spot striped awning topped boutique - it is surrounded by the most adorable coffee shops and restaurants I've seen in a while, so although Belmont Shore is a bit of a far off place, it is a wonderful place to escape to for the day.

4913 E. 2nd St.
Long Beach, CA 90803
(Belmont Shore)


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