Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eden Boutique - A Garden of Fashion Fancies

New Belmont Shore Boutique Review
By: Erin @

Like a massive boutiquing laser beam, the ballroom sized chandeliers in Eden Boutique drew us in before we knew what hit us (poor unsuspecting April and Erin walking down the street ;). Eyes glossed over, mouths wide opened we stepped inside the doors to a garden overflowing with fashion fancies. Under a fabulous faux painted ceiling of fluffy white clouds and blue sky, this boutique gives you a feeling of expansive possibilities. Perfectly placed amongst lush potted palms, Grecian columns, mint green velvet drapes and ornate white washed fixtures, you'll find all the trendiest must have styles in clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories.

Cool and comfortable, Eden is one of those boutiques that caters to the vast flavors of life. For boho casual try bright Dreamlife ethnic tunics, for edgy retro style try slinky and sloutchy tanks by Mati, for flirty and feminine grab a cotton frock or jumper from Haven. Do stop by Eden for a vast selection of denim in every imaginable cut and style (LTD 1948, Machine, See Thru Soul, Velvet Heart and more) all with a look and feel that will have you saying "NO way!" to the well under $100 price tags. Pair your denim with funky statement tees from Love Yourself and perfectly cut crop jackets and layer me with a scarf blazers by BB Dakota.

Eden is a boutique oozing with accessory enchantment. Shelves stacked deep with sunglasses in every style...aviator, over-sized, funky, colorful and conspicuous (all under $20). Tables topped with sexy chic clutches for simple to scene grabber looks. Ledges loaded with belts from big, bold and ornate to thin, polished and pretty. Counters of cute containers display rings in every color and combination imaginable. Hat stands covered in sultry hued shades of straw Fedoras, patterned newsboy caps and styles for the ultimate outfit toppers. Glass cases glistening with short, long, delicate and daring necklaces, gem stone cuff bracelets and stunning chandelier and chain drop earrings sit under warm lights waiting to be explored and hand picked. Displayed reaching distance from an oversized leaf shaped ottoman are Eden's shoes, fabulously priced and very "now", perfect for try me on temptation. With the serious selection of shoes, jewelry and accessories, creating a complete look at Eden is super easy and your sure to be noticed.

Eden Boutique
4900 E. 2nd Street
Belmont Shore, CA 90803

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