Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Triple Two - Retro Flare Meets Euro Indie Flavor

New Huntington Beach Boutique Review
By: Erin @

Fellas, fellas, fellas... has NOT forgotten you. I'm happy to say that today I found a boutique that reminded me why April are so dedicated to locating off the beaten path shops and putting them on the boutiquing radar. Only 3 weeks old, Triple Two on 5th Street, parallel to Main Street and two blocks up from PCH, caught my eye as I searched for a parking spot on the crowded summer streets of Huntington Beach. Contemporary and modern, the entire front window is home to a stylish and spacious seating lounge with sleek white furniture, flanked by shiny white male mannequins standing in a slender sand box.

Entering Triple Two I was ushered in by polished and grainy light wood floors, frosted circle lights hanging from the ceiling, bold colors and graphic patterns for retro flare meets euro flavor. Where is all this fresh fashion coming from you ask??...Triple Two is flooded with funky, fun and functional clothing lines ALL imported from Finland. Although they cater to both men and women, the men's section clearly dominates this boutique's floor plan. If you are, or know one of those men who love finding new digs from new indie designers, take note of these lines only available at Triple Two. Following the tradition of straight forward and simple Finish design, Makia - short sleeve and long sleeved shirts available in various patterned plaids and stripes, basic jackets and crisp trousers, Asenna - solid colored and 80's logoesque cargo shorts that are random enough to stand out but simple enough to be everyday and CTRL - Colored jeans, flashback t-shirts, zipper hoodies and denim jackets will no doubt be a favorite for fashionable fellas and the ladies linked to their arm.

Go into Triple Two and ask them to show you White Moment. This new Finnish line is a go to for unique yet chic hoodies and edgy graphic tees for men and women (one tee mocked Lindsay Lohan while another made jest at Dr. Phil with bright lime green printing). White Moment makes soft and slinky t-shirt dresses and asymetrical button embellished frocks perfect for a sweet AND sassy look.

Holy hats galore! Triple Two has everything from leather trucker hats to crocheted beanies and all the styles in between when it comes to adorning the dome. Nothing screams trend setter more loudly than a bucket style hat by Costo, made from recycled upholstery fabric and leather and topped with a fuzzy colored pom pom ball (think British cap circa 1964 - See the super cool video of how they're made on YouTube). Also, check out Triple Two's selection of belts, from retro buckles to classic leather combinations, all are displayed with suggested outfit looks.

triple two clothing
222 5th Street
Huntington Beach, CA

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  1. I keep walking by this place. it sounds cool... next time i'll have to stop by!

    xoxo, K