Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SHOP L. HERMANN - Fantastic Foreign Fashion Found

New Newport Beach Boutique Review
by:April @

There is a good reason Erin and I started reason was to discover off the beaten path boutiques we knew existed, but couldn't see. Shop L. Hermann is 100% this dream boutique. Overlooking the stretch of Newport Blvd. that leads to PCH, this European chic boutique awaits fashion minded thrill seekers to travel on inside. Laurie Hermann has created an artistic, lofty feeling workspace that is cleanly lined with racks of loveliness she has discovered on European buying trips. It is instantly apparent that the woman is passionate about her pieces, from the way she has styled herself - in Denim of Virtue studded dark skinny jeans and a perfectly fitted Bread and Butter tee, to the extensive knowledge she has of each item she stocks.

Entering the blank canvas of a boutique, I loved the fact that the clothing really popped against a simple and purposely plain backdrop. One look at European design and it is evident that it is all in the fine details, and my undistracted eye was able to take them all in. Luxe Italian leather clutches you would swear cost way more than the price tag decorate a simple entry table and lead my focused gaze to racks of the most ingenious styles out of Europe I have laid eyes on. A sexy backless top by Boulee made of silk so fluid it drips on the body is placed next to perfectly cut skirts and trousers by Divina that beat Theory any day at a much lower price tag. One of my personal highlights, absolutely stunning beaded kaftans that would be perfect under any poolside cabana....can't stop thinking about how glamorous I would feel in one with my over sized hat and shades. As I made my way through the store, my hand reached out to feel a striped tank so soft and perfectly thin/thick by Bread and Butter that would work it's way seamlessly into any stylistas wardrobe. And did I mention the nice selection of George Roth button downs she has in store for the men? Perfect for a casual So Cal night out...and ladies, rumor has it these make the most authentic boyfriend shirts around, so it is something you can "borrow" from him.

My love of jewelry runs deep and I was thrilled to see her stunning collection laid out on rustic wooden boards, sparkling subtly against the natural background. My favorite pieces were all by Avant Garde...this is just one of those lines that always feels good on and has the potential to take a simple outfit to the next level. Laurie also has great finds from local jewelry designers, and by the looks of it, her jewelry eye is equal to her eye for great style. Laurie is a warm and outgoing woman who LOVES her job. She wants her customers to feel at home and unhurried and is always looking out for what her most loyal ladies need. I instantly felt relaxed in her care, her knowledge and natural charisma turning me into style putty in her hands. One of the highlights of hanging out with her was this little game she liked to play called guess the price - the stuff she has in her store only looks like it will cost a mortgage payment...none of it is over $500 - I LIKE that game!!! Her approach to fashion is "Look and Feel Fabulous", and honestly with her blossoming boutique on our radar we are certain we will:)

Shop L. Hermann

357 N. Old Newport Blvd.
Newport Beach, CA

take Newport Blvd West toward Balboa Peninsula
Left at Hospital Rd.
1st Right on Old Newport Road, boutique in on the right

10 - 4ish

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