Sunday, July 19, 2009

OC BOUTIQUE SHOPPING - Win a $200 Couture Dress!

If anyone ever says it doesn't pay to go Boutiquing...
now you can tell them what's up!
"Facebook Fan Friday"

A Fabulous Giveaway EVERY Friday
to one of our Facebook Fans

It's silly how easy it is to enter:
1. Go the Facebook Page:
2. Click "Become a Fan" (proceed to #3 if you're already a Fan ;)
3. Click "Suggest to Friends" (left column under the blue "OC Boutiques" square)
4. Send to 5 friends
5. Log onto every Friday at 10am PST
6. Look for your pretty or handsome little face on the site (Facebook randomly selects 6 Fan photos to show at any given time)
7. If you are one of the six photos shown, be the FIRST (hurry, hurry!) to respond on our Facebook Page and you win the weekly giveaway!*

So what's up for grabs our first week??
Get a load of this!

Are you sitting down?

This is big...REAL BIG...

I'm talkin' memorable...
as in my first pair of acid washed Guess jeans in fifth grade!

Friday, July 24th

~ One of a kind Black Flamingo Couture dress of YOUR choice ~
compliments of
The Black Flamingo Boutique
Retail value: $200

Watch the slide show below to see samples of Black Flamingo Couture dresses and for yourself just how adorable The Black Flamingo Boutique really is.
This super sassy and sexy little boutique takes the crystal studded, brooch embellished, rock star crown for Vintage Fashion in Laguna Beach!

Thank you Black Flamingo for offering such a stunning gift to launch
Facebook Fan Friday's

Each Monday a new giveaway will be posted.
Check back EVERY FRIDAY at 10AM PST to win.

Got questions? Just leave us a comment below or send an
email to:
*winner does not have to be local to win, forward to your friends and...
May the Most Faithful Fan Win! ;)


  1. what a fun contest, you gals are full of good ideas!

  2. this is a great idea!

    but actually the link to your facebook page isn't working.

  3. Thank you Fashion Luvr! All fixed:) Good luck!

  4. What a great idea! I'm excited!