Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ladonna - Sexy, Sassy, Statement Stop

Huntington Beach, Orange County
Boutique Pique
by: Erin Hall @ Boutiquing

April and I surprisingly stumbled upon Ladonna Boutique over a year ago while visiting Bella Tera outdoor mall in Huntington Beach, and we still rave about their treasure box of offerings to this day. To find a boutique as unique and eclectic as this in a mall is like putting on a jacket you haven't worn in a while and finding money in the pocket... you didn't expect it, but finding it makes your day! From clothing to accessories, Ladonna is a boutique you hunt and explore for hidden must haves. Brocade tapestry curtains, thick iron scroll fixtures, ornate frames, studs and sparkles...
Ladonna is dedicated to the girl who likes to standout.

Top priority at Ladonna, constantly filter in new and memorable lines that are edgy and sexy. They are stocked with perfect for party tops by Aziz, edgy Kimikal club dresses embellished with chains and stones, seductive and simple K. Allyn t-shirts and form fitting, body enhancing dresses from Maria Biana Nero (when you see how good these dresses fit, you won't even pay attention to the price tag). Find outfits suitable for a dinner date, weekend shopping or Vegas weekend, basically any situation where being noticed is the ultimate goal. Ladonna carries Karmel & Alden super soft vintage inspired denim, celebrity fave Dylan & George and IT jeans (their amazing fit is endorsed by Oprah). Lace intimates, blinged handbags and comfortable layering basics all line the walls of this small but abundant boutique.

Ladonna is a style knockout in the jewelry department. Hands down, one of the most rare offerings of one of kind jewelry you will find in Orange County. Like exploring a European art fair, you'll find cocktail size rock rings by Wendy Grant...bracelet, earring and necklace combinations of semi-precious stones, turquoise, citrine, gold, pearls and coins...bold and intricate authentic Vatican charm adornments from Virgins, Saints & Angels...and don't forget to check out their large selection of Liquid Metal thick silver jewelry always on hand. My personal favorite, a local designer who travels France in search of vintage heirloom pieces and re purposes them to create necklaces and bracelets that will stun and shine in even the dullest of moments. Keep in mind there are no two alike, so don't pass up a piece you love at Ladonna because guaranteed it will be gone when you go back to pick it up.

Ask for the manager Kristina and tell her Erin from sent you in. Kristina knows her lines and is quick to read your needs and offer a solution that will have you coming back for more.

(off the 405 & Beach Blvd. @ Bella Terra
- Park near the movie theatre)
7777 Edinger Ave.
Suite 160
Huntington Beach, CA

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  1. Excellent review. Thanks for the insight! cant wait to go see this place!