Tuesday, July 21, 2009

OC BOUTIQUE SHOPPING - Patricia Di Gioia Boutique & Beauty Lounge Review

Patricia Di Gioia Boutique & Beauty Lounge - Blissful Boutiquing on Balboa Peninsula
Review by: April

Pulling up to a promising little strip of Balboa Peninsula boutiques on 32nd St., I was greeted by the soulful sound of Patsy Cline escaping through the wide open front door of the most charming little cottage like boutique around. I felt like I was instantly transported to a simpler time, as the music played and I was greeted by owner Patricia, performing her first relaxing pedicure of the day on a loyal client. As the woman comfortably lounged in the spa chair in the center of the shop she raved about the ability of boutique owner and manicurist Patricia. Soothed by the sound of girl talk I slowly made my way through the brilliantly decorated boutique. I couldn't help but be reminded of the Steel Magnolia's beauty shop scenes where all who entered were instantly drawn into whatever conversation may be taking place. Overstuffed, over sized comfy chairs welcome anyone to languish and enjoy one of Patricia's many raved about mani/pedi miracles. I was certainly excited to peruse the beauty menu, and was dying to try the peppermint pedicure. Her spa/boutique is certainly the spot to hang out and stay awhile, and possibly more intriguing than her extensive nailcare options is the incredible selection of beachy boho style clothing and jewelry surrounding the shop. It is obvious there is a deep appreciation for beauty in this boutique as demonstrated by the floral still life paintings covering the walls and hanger after hanger, custom decorated with the most beautiful fabric - all handmade by Patricia herself.

Even if a mani/pedi isn't on your agenda, the boutiquing here is blissful. Flattering Free People tops and Level 99 denim share the space with great Lucy Love tanks in every color you can
think of, and the most universal maxi dresses for less than $50. The selection of Pacifica lotions, perfumes, and candles caught my eye and I swooned over the Sandalwood scent perfectly balanced with top notes of tangerine. Patricia also crafts her own necklaces of antique lace and wallpaper pressed between glass and dangling from a fine silver chain - wearable and remarkable for sure. I was also blown away by the discovery of a chiffon flower necklace I had seen at Anthropologie for $38, sold here for $18...see it pays to buy boutique:)

Don't miss the second room, where there are great sale items to be had, as well as more feminine jewelry, including one of our favorite feel good finds, 31 Bits, and a satisfying selection of little gift items. I was able to park right out front at 10am (bring quarters!), and they were the only boutique open that early - so head there first, treat yourself to a refreshing Cran Mary pedicure, and slowly shop this sweet spot as you wait for your toes to dry!

Patricia Di Gioia
Boutique & Beauty Lounge
432 32nd Street
Newport Beach, CA 92663
(Balboa Peninsula)


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  1. once again, a fabulous review and uncovering of spots like this that we would never know about! cant wait to go to Balboa now and stop here before jumping the ferry across to grab and ice-cream! Thanks!!!