Saturday, July 11, 2009

OC BOUTIQUE SHOPPING: Style Quiz Contest Winner

Congratulations to our "What Style Are You?" Quiz Winner:
Lindsay Cooper!

Lindsay won a gorgeous hammered silver circle link bracelet from
local San Clemente designer
Mermaid Charms

Surprise, surprise, after polling the "What Style Are You?" Quiz results, the jury is in and we have a winning style "letter". Winning by ONE, the majority of you are...
"B" - Best of the Best.
Chic, classic, and always put together. Your closet is filled with pieces that will go the distance, and you have been known to buy multiples of your staples.

Second highest scoring style was "A" - Aspiring Stylist, third "D" - Daring Dabbler, fourth "E" - Everyday Ease and fifth "C" Celebrating Sexy.

If you haven't taken the quiz and would like to know "What Style Are You?" click here to take our Facebook Quiz and find out which boutiques you were made to shop in!

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  1. Lucky Lindsay, and love the video reveal. i might have to try that on PLM. Love your site, you guys!