Sunday, July 5, 2009

OC BOUTIQUE SHOPPING: Model Citizen - Huntington Beach

Model Citizen Boutique - Get Flooded With Fashion

Review by: Erin
Let me set the stage for Model Citizen boutique in downtown Huntington Beach... Overwhelming Selection! The narrow entry way to Model Citizen was like a peep hole into a world of possibilities. The trendiest must haves, are ALL conveniently combined in this clothing, jewelry and shoe boutique. I caught my self spinning in circles not knowing where to start, for each inch of space, from ceiling to floor, was flooded with rainbow palette waterfalls of clothing. I forced myself to focus and started with a family size table piled high with denim from Rock Revival, Frankie B, Miss Me, Sang Real and See Thru Soul denim. More styles, cuts and colors of jeans than I've ever seen stacked in one location.

The surprise of Model Citizen is the range of prices and designers they offer. From inexpensive trendy styles under $30 to mid range lines from BB Dakota and Oxford Circus to higher priced Rubicon, SKY and Weston Wear. Trust me when I say there is something for EVERYONE, you just have to wade through the vast choices and don't be shocked by the roller coaster of price tags.

Model Citizen is a must have on the map for those who love to wear denim. Whether you prefer skirt, shorts, capris or skinnies, you'll find so many top, blouse and tank options your head will spin. Stepping in your sure to find a dress for every occasion; long, short, floral, asymetrical, tube, dainty, daring...perfect for a beach cover, early evening cocktail or night out on the town. Don't miss the large collection of comfy patterned tanks, tops and dresses from T-Bags.

As I made my way through the forest of bold bright tops and tanks I came upon a doorway that opened up into a room full of nothing but shoes, shoes and more shoes, it felt like I had walked into a seperate shoe boutique. Just like the clothing side of Model Citizen, the 4 walls of the shoe boutique were flooded with styles and colors from Athena Alexander, Charles by Charles David, Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson, Chinese Laundry. You name the shoe brand and it is in this room dedicated to all things foot and fancy.

Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry...did I say jewelry?! Standing racks overflowing with earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, Model Citizen gives Forever 21 a run for it's money with so many choices of accessories at very affordable prices. Imagine me at the counter for 30 minutes plus just digging through the jewelry displays like a mad woman, I "ooed" and "ahhed" so many times you would have thought I was looking at a baby.

Model Citizen

324 Main St
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

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