Friday, July 10, 2009

Solutions - Solve Your Denim Dilemmas

Solutions -Newport Beach, Orange County Boutique Pique
By: April Madigan @ Boutiquing

One of my favorite little corners on the Costa Mesa/Newport Beach border hosts a quaint and creative coffee shop (Kean Coffee), my pretend I make my own baby food supplier (Pomme Bebe), a unique and affordable florist, the new and nostalgic Susie Cakes, and best boutique for blues in the business - Solutions. From the outside, this easy access boutique is simple and stylish, but once inside I feel like I have entered a cave of wonders. Dark and mysterious, and filled with exquisite wood, leopard, and heavy drapes, I am dared to try new things at every turn. From effortlessly sexy Hale Bob mini dresses and wear with everything Poleci silk blouses, the feeling here is luxe and lust worthy. Their men's section delivers a perfectly well edited selection of long sleeve shirts and tees from Howe, Salvage and 7 Diamonds, and the perfectly folded t-shirt wall puts my man's closet to SHAME!

But, really, the reason to get yourself down to Solutions is the denim. At any given time, Solutions has 120 DIFFERENT types of denim on hand. As evidenced by their Denim Bar, complete with a menu, Solutions takes their denim seriously. Owner, Susan Cianciulli Bailey was adorable in her perfectly fitting and flattering cuffed boyfriend jeans, and bright floral print
blouse, a staple at Solutions.

She shared her secret for the perfect denim fit...the front rise, the back rise, and the distance between the pockets all MUST align for a dreamy derriere and that perfect jean fit. Her favorites off the rack are Hudson (a magical butt jean for those with and without) and J Brand for a really great skinny. Also a big seller Not Your Daughters Jeans - see, something for all:)

Solutions is focused on customizing the perfect fit for any woman (sizes range 2-18), and they have the same size denim bar for men! They offer on site tailoring - she explained everything that they can do...seriously, I know clothes and the woman sounded like she was speaking a foreign language! Just hand over the jeans, and let her work her voo doo magic!

Luckily they realize that a great pair of jeans needs some great pieces to go with them, their tops are all creatively sexy and chic, and they have broadened their price range to include some key pieces around $50.

Above all, my experience was seriously enhanced by the personal attention I was given. Susan is proud of what she has created, and it shows. Her expertise and ability to really find out what I was looking for were amazing. This was not a "What are you shopping for?" kind of relationship...this was a let me observe what you like, pull some things you will possibly like even more, and find the perfect solution to your wardrobe wants. I am also looking forward to their events - they construct a full runway in the parking lot and do a fashion show, complete with VIP seats and swag well as Cigar night, where the guys can lounge and the ladies can shop! Count me in - and I can hear the sound of angels coming from my husband - Cigar a boutique...jean-ious!

2043 Westcliff Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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