Thursday, July 16, 2009

OC BOUTIQUE SHOPPING: What to Wear on a Date!

By: April
So, one of our fave boutique owners spurred a debate on Facebook this week with the simple question..."jeans or dress on a first date?" Our Facebook fans and Twitter followers were pretty certain jeans were the way to a man's heart...but we thought we should break it down boutiquing style.

***WARNING: Take THIS QUIZ before reading on...or you will have NO idea what we are talking about!***

What to Wear on a Date
based on what style "Letter" you are...

A: Aspiring Stylist
Go for your typical creative outfit, with a bit of chic sexiness. Keep it all a bit relaxed by basing your outfit on a simple tank and standout accessories. Leave the major fashion risks for a night out with the girls...they will appreciate the effort more:)

B: Best of the Best
Start with your best go to jeans and add a sexy fitted top that shows off your favorite peek of skin. A bold bag and sexy stiletto will grab the attention you want, and make you feel like a million bucks!

C: Celebrating Sexy
The overall consensus of our fans and followers was to save the true knock 'em dead sex appeal for a second date. So show off what you want by choosing a HOT shoe, fitted dress and leave the rest to his imagination.

D: Daring Dabbler
Your love for fun fashion will help you create a memorable look. A bold print dress and some sleek sandals are a perfect blend of feminine and fierce. Don't forget the statement necklace and bold's a date, not the dentist:)

E: Everyday Ease
A night out comes along only once in a don't blow your budget on a big night out ensemble. Truthfully, the hottest part of the date will probably be the adult conversation! But, show off a little more than normal with a cute and eye catching halter (with the necklace built in!), and add a higher heel to your jeans...that way your feet will remind you it IS a date!

Got a "What to Wear" fashion question?

Leave your fashion question in "comments" below and we will send it out to our fans and followers for their opinion. We will give you the most popular answer, plus our options for a great ensemble A-E!

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