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MELIA BOUTIQUE - Antique Accessories Abound

Balboa Peninsula,
Orange County
Boutique Pique

By: April @ Boutiquing

*CLOSING 1/31/2010

Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach may not be the first place that comes to mind when looking for affordable vintage jewelry that feels uniquely one of a kind. I have hunted through Pasadena's famed Rose Bowl, Santa Monica's Vintage Expo, and numerous NYC street fairs and was shocked, and truly thrilled, when I found the statement making and affordable collection I had been searching for was right in my own backyard on 32nd Street at Melia's. The wide open shop is in transition from being a clothing store with a bit of vintage jewelry to a vintage jewelry store with a bit of clothing, and has already convinced me that this was is a stellar plan. Husband and wife team, Melia and Ben, are really playing to their strengths with the direction of the new store, and Melia's father, a fine jeweler, has made some vintage discoveries I am still dreaming about.

I happened upon Melia's before they opened one day, and through the window I found myself enamored with an ornate and elegant looking silver and onyx necklace that would surely transform any look from ready to wear to regal. My window shopping forced me to imagine a price for this kind of piece, and having recently fallen in love with its twin priced at $3000 in an airport (I know, I shop everywhere), I had a feeling it would also have a giant price tag. As I walked around the block and waited for the 11am to roll around, I caught myself creating look after look in my mind, all featuring the necklace I was now in LOVE with from Melia's. When they opened, I strolled in casually, I couldn't let them know I had been dying to come in, and I circled the necklace like a bird does its prey. I looked at absolutely everything in the store before even allowing this amazing necklace to know I was interested. I was dazzled by perfect with a tee daytime rhinestones, delicate and demure vintage coin purses, rows and rows of Navajo sterling and turquoise squash blossoms I had once hunted for in New Mexico and never found...again, found right here in the OC. Just when I knew the necklace had given up on me, I went in for the kill. Melia brought it down off of it's pedestal and clasped it around my neck...and as I admired it's beauty from every angle, I asked what the damage would be...the boutiquing gods were seriously on my side, because this best in show bauble was a doable $200...AND it was 50% off...so, $100!!!!! Here I am, smiling in my steal of a vintage piece....

This discovery made me realize that although all of the pieces at Melia's LOOK like a million bucks, they most certainly don't cost that. Their prices start at $10, and go up to $2000, but the
bulk of the collection is well under $300 (especially during their July and December sales, when much of the store is 50% off). It is obvious that they buy with an eye for the current trends in vintage, but their passion is in the organic and raw beauty of turquoise and natural stone. I noticed the subtle lean toward green in this boutique, from the back wall color, to the recycling of estate jewelry, to the commitment to make all of their packaging and bags earth friendly. After my experience at Melia's I am even more convinced by how much I love my job...although maybe I should have kept this boutiquing gold mine to myself...these pieces ARE all one of a kind...well okay, you can go too...but don't forget to tell them boutiquing sent you! And speaking of that...sign up here for V.I.Perks - Melia's has an exclusive discount for our members!

406 32nd Street
Newport Beach, CA92663

Tues -Sat


*CLOSING 1/31/2010 ~ 50% OFF EVERYTHING!

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  1. Affordable vintage jewelry?! Sounds like a dream come true!