Saturday, June 27, 2009


by: Erin
Interestingly, this whole thing started out as a simple, conversation starting question I asked on Twitter... "What beauty tip did your mom always tell you?" Never did I think so many women would respond but thankfully they did, so I was left with a compilation of touching, smart and comical motherly advice. From age defying remedies to just plain random, there were so many pearls of wisdom I just had to share I am.

Below is a list of responses given by our Boutique Owners, Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans, it's a window into who we are as women and a tribute to the women who helped raise us into the beautiful strong fashion loving beauty queens we are ;)

Laugh, awwwwww, take notes and when you find yourself remembering one of YOUR mom's beauty tips...please leave us a "comment" below so we can all enjoy it...let's keep this one going.

"What beauty tip did your mom always tell you?..."

"A woman should never demand attention....she must merely command it."
Christy Pacella owner of Black Flamingo Boutique

"A busy mind makes a woman irresistible."
Acirema Landa owner of Cielo Boutique

"Always use your ring finger when applying makeup or lotion to the delicate under eye area. It's weaker and gentler so you don't pull and stretch the skin causing wrinkles."
Erica Hahn owner of elle H Boutique

"Always use good lighting when plucking your eyebrows or putting on make-up."
Michelle Fisk manager of Scout 3 Boutique

"Always dress like ur going to run into an ex :)"
Twitter ID: @RandomTKA

Be a good, kind and supportive friend and family member. A shoulder, a smile and an ear, those are the most beautiful and strongest parts of a woman, and ultimately, the most useful and appreciated."
Twitter ID: @MissStarlet

"Makeup should look natural, it is to enhance beauty, not cover it up."
Twitter ID: @MelissaWehrberg

"Don't wear too much makeup and 'if everyone was wearing horns & tails, would you?' & of course, I said YES!"
Twitter ID: @alexandrakeller

"Men Love Red!"
Twitter ID: @agentnoir and her sister @gracelikekelly (read her blog here)

"Wash your face and use lotion/sunscreen...she still uses the same product after all these years!" Twitter ID: @boutiqueculture

"Don't shave above your knees - ha ha (I was very young)"
Twitter ID: @VenezieBags

"Always have shoes that are darker than the hem of your garment, I still swear by it (old-fashioned I know)"
Rae Gross: Facebook Fan

"Drive with the top down!"
April Madigan: Co-Creator of

"True beauty comes from within, love yourself, respect others, and you'll always be beautiful."
Twitter ID: @Ms_OC

"Never go to sleep angry... oh wait.... that was marriage advice... :)"
Carol Madigan: Facebook Fan and April's mom (see her advice a few comments up)

"Always have your keys in you hand when leaving a building and look over your shoulder!!" Rhonda Polk: Facebook Fan

"If you apply foundation you need to wipe off the area above your lip or it will look like you have a mustache even if you don't!" Katherine Reedy: Facebook Fan and Facebook Contest Winner

"Pay more attention to helping others see THEIR beauty and yours will shine."
Julie Sathoff: Facebook Fan

"ALWAYS put lotion on when you get out of the shower."
Erin Hall: Co-Creator of

"Use Witch Hazel as a facial cleanser."
Twitter ID: @zoebyd

"A structured jacket is the perfect centerpiece to any good outfit."
Twitter ID: @VitaminOC

"Stay out of the sun and slather Mentholatum on your face." She has the smoothest skin for someone in her late 60s.
Twitter ID:

To smile; and that while I may notice every flaw, others rarely do, so not to obsess over them."
Twitter ID: @mammajenna

"Put sunscreen on!"
Kim Voigt: Facebook Fan and Twitter ID: @mermaidcharms

Now it's you turn...Which is your favorite?
What beauty tip did your mom always tell YOU?


  1. Wow! It's amazing how one little question can get you so much feedback.

    Stopping in to welcome you to SITS!

  2. What a wonderful blog! And what great advice everyone's mothers provided! Thank you so much, Erin, for sharing your writing with me!

    Love and hugs,

    Serena (@MissStarlet on Twitter)

  3. "Take a bath every day. SMELLY is NOT attractive."
    And I do. On hot, sweaty days I take my regular morning bath and another in the evening. It feels good, so do it!