Friday, June 12, 2009

Upside Down Boutique - Change Your Fashion Perspective

Laguna Beach, Orange County Boutique Pique
By: April Madigan @ Boutiquing

At this point in my boutiquing career, I have seen and shopped it all. Imagine my surprise when everything I thought I knew about boutiquing was literally turned upside down. The Upside Down boutique in Laguna Beach is truly a sight to see. Trees grow out of the ceiling, a cowhide area rug hangs like a canopy overhead, and birdcages filled with baubles instead of birds swing inverted from above. That's right, the entire landscape of this brave boutique is upside down.

Surely all who enter this wonderland fit for fiction are pulled in by the quirky cool vibe, but I guarantee they stay because of the goods. Most of the lines carried here are European, which translated means obscure and pleasantly playful. The looks here are Diesel meets Harajuku with a bit of the most wearable clean lined utilitarian style Europe is admired for. Odd Molly floral dresses and tops and Susan Tucker vests adorned with crafty felt flowers and foliage share space with layered cotton dresses, hoodies and tees by Skunk Funk (silly name...but pieces). The nod to European chic starts bobblehead bobbing when I hit the rack of Cop Copine pieces that make me swoon. These are serious Kate Moss style makers, and the selection here will make you flip:)

There are no mainstream trends in sight, however I would venture to guess, the next top ten trends will be inspired by these looks. Toward the back (near the upside fireplace, naturally) is a 50% off rack where we found the most inspiring skirt seen in a while. It's shape; like a cocoon of navy blue silk that hugs the body in the most creative way. Erin snagged the skirt and we practically stood on our heads when we found out it was only $50! Of course as we were checking out my wandering eyes spotted sparkle...bold Avant Garde chain necklaces were perched in birdcages along side the counter, gotta say, this Paris based line really makes my heart sing!

Our boutiquing recommendation, hit the Koffee Klatch for a great indie cup of coffee (they share a Secret Garden like patio with the store), and then head over to Upside Down for the most unique boutique experience in Laguna.

Upside Down
1425 South Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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  1. Think of all the furniture you could fir in that room (on the ceiling!)