Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Miss Trendy - A Discovery of Delightful Designers

La Jolla, San Diego Boutique Pique
By: April Madigan @ Boutiquing

Checking out the boutquing bounty of the luxurious land of La Jolla has been high on my to do list for a while now, so when the perfect day presented itself I jumped at the chance. The scenic drive and comfortably beachy scene in La Jolla were the first of many pleasant surprises in store. A few trips around the block in search of a parking spot and I found myself parked in the doorway of my first boutiquing victim. Situated on the main ocean view drag of La Jolla's Downtown, a few doors down from the famous Georges at the Cove Restaurant in the pink building, Miss Trendy presented a boutiquing experience I am going to have to work very hard to top.

Wide open front doors welcomed me into a stunning selection of watercolor hued wonders. A pink velvet love seat complete with marabou trimmed pillows has the best view in La Jolla, and trust me, it isn't the ocean. I have been few places where I have seen more beautiful prints, colors and bright and shiny accessories to add a much needed pop of color to a wardrobe. Basics abound for easy outfit making, and the attention paid to keeping interesting designers and high quality pieces makes it easy to make invest in an outfit.

Hey, guess what, I love customer service. Plain and simple. Say hello, ask me how I am, show me the fabulous new dress you just unpacked from your latest shipment...I am putty in your hands. Guess Miss Trendy is all about customer service too, because this is exactly what happened during my visit...and owner Dawn, even took it a step further, telling me the entire store was 40% off. WHAT! I think my boutiquing karma points were all cashed in at once - and I am thrilled.

I filled my arms with silk and satin dresses from Alice & Trixie and Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, jeans by Denim of Virtue and Joes, a Mike & Chris windbreaker, linen pants and strapless silk dresses by Wendy Katlen, sexy studded dresses by HERA (designed by Mia Kim, who hails from the design studio of Herve Leger and BCBG Max Azria), vintagey looking pieces from by Francine, and sheer embellished blouses by Joolay. Everywhere I looked were styles and designers I had never seen before, and I really would have worn everything in the store. Each look I put on was a potential new closet favorite and with Dawn's superior knowledge of the fit and style of every piece it was easy to find plenty of pieces I "needed". I discovered leather, chain, and geode accessories, interesting enough to make an outfit and add even more style to a layered look. All of you "A's" (find out your letter in our style quiz HERE) need to make a trip to Miss Trendy, and take your good friend who is a "C", there will be plenty of color, sass, and style for you both.

Miss Trendy
1298 Prospect Street
La Jolla, CA 92037

Mon. - Sat.
11 - 6
12 - 6


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