Wednesday, October 21, 2009

LF Store - Fashion's Pulse is Always Pumping

La Jolla, San Diego Boutique Pique
By: Erin Hall @ Boutiquing

Pleasantly surprised, I was pulled off the street and into LF Store on the shop laden street of Girard in La Jolla. My first comment..."Is your buyer new?!" The answer, "No". I was shocked to see an entire boutique transformed into a poster perfect reflection of fashion NOW. Stunning military jackets, studded stilettos, stone washed skinnies, suede ankle boots, slinky over-sized sweaters and sequined mini skirts stocked from floor to ceiling and then some. LF Store, you've hit the nail on the head...literally, every where you look something has a stud somewhere. Now I know in a year these tantalizing styles I've mention will not be as cool (I can hear it now, "Military jackets, that's so Fall 09!")...but this is where the fascination with LF lies: The current of pulse of fashion is always pumping loud and strong! I'm quite confident the gifted eye that created this beautiful chaos will continue to deliver a spot on solutions for each season's must have pieces, head to toe.

If you have a bit of boutiquing A.D.D. like me (you easily get distracted by shiny objects, ornate embellishments and luxe fabrics) be forewarned that you'll be doing a lot of spinning in circles, re-circling and audible affections like "Look at THIS!" to those in your boutiquing brigade. Trays and stands of bold and delicate necklaces, chunky and quirky rings, scarves, beanies, fedoras and rocker fab earrings scream show stopper. Comprised mainly of private label LF clothing, this boutique prides itself on scouring the world for cutting edge style and consistent fashion reinvention. Perfect for dresses, leggings, denim and skirts, the selection of shoes at LF make me think SOLD! Find two of my favorite foot fetish brands Matiko and Jeffrey Campbell, mixing trendy, sexy and vintage in one "sole" package.

On the higher end of prices, LF Store delivers a solid selection of wardrobe staples if being at the forefront of fashion is your focus. For those of you who get discouraged by higher prices, stay close to LF's Facebook pages where they frequently advertise huge sales. If your looking for inspiration and trendy targeted looks, stop in regularly to jump start your seasonal fashion migrations, guaranteed you'll be rockin' it first.

LF Stores
7864 Girard Avenue
La Jolla, CA 92037

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