Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Harper's - A Mod Mecca of Must Haves

Corona Del Mar, Orange County Boutique Pique
By: Erin Hall @ Boutiquing

Walking down the perfect Southern California streets of Corona Del Mar one would expect to only saunter into high end boutiques, with severe high end sticker shock prices. Not happenin' at Harper's I'm happy to say! Polished wood grain textures, cool mint green paint palette, industrial concrete floors, cowhide rug and sleek white tufted lounge seat area all add to the intimate and intelligent interior of Harper's Boutique in Corona Del Mar. Owner Erica (the genius of "Erica Dee Boutique" previously) has done a dazzling job of making her new boutique a mod mecca of must have pieces that have been edited by an extremely experienced fashion eye.

For those of you who love the look of effortless designer digs without dropping off the deep end dollar amounts (MY meaning... a majority of the shop is well under $150) dip into Harper's for essentials ranging from entertaining to escaping. Perfect for lounging or layering for a luxe look knit jackets/outerwear by Ryu under $70 , dynamo denim delights under $100 (Blank jeans are a must try), wonderful wardrobe wow from Whitley Kros and bright and bold budgetlicious tops, tanks and dresses by Collective Concepts had me snatching up stacks to slip into. Luscious leather bags by Tano, a varied and vivacious shoe selection includes Matiko and Trove Tkees (the ultra fem flip flops known as "cosmetics for your feet"), and fresh and modern jewelry twists from Soixante Neuf and House of Harlow enticed my eyes. A massively memorable moment was finding the perfect pair of legging/tights I been pursuing for nearly a year...the fit of tights with the solid blackness of leggings for only $10! *insert joyous jaw drop*

The value of boutiquing is my mind is the experience, so keep your eyes open for delicate and daring design elements like smooth rock zen garden planters, pretty purple orchids hoovering high, sleek light fixtures and a small sprinkling of sincerely sweet cards, candles and home decor trinkets in the back of the boutique. With a plethora of passionate pieces, rest assured I will regularly revisit Harper's for my fashion fixes.

2610 East Coast Highway
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

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