Thursday, February 4, 2010

Boutique Owner Appreciation WINNER!

Congratulations to Holly & Danielle, owners of
Costa Mesa

As the winners of our Boutique Owner Appreciation Contest, these lovely ladies have won a FREE pair of designer shoes from European Design House Menbur. We thought you'd enjoy knowing a little more about this dynamic duo so we asked them a few quick questions.

Boutiquing: What led you to open your boutique?
Holly: "Corporate! Corporate America. I’ve been working in retail since I was 16 and finally met a partner who I could see myself opening a boutique with. We've jumped through a lot of hoops to get where we are at today, it wasn't easy."
Danielle: "It's always been a goal of mine and I was tired of working for corporate America. I thought, I've got a lot of talent and experience why NOT create a fun and eclectic boutique that is reasonably priced."

B: What do you love about owning a boutique?
H: "Everything."
D: "What don't I love?!"

B: What new line that you've never carried before is coming in from Spring Market?
H: "Classic Hardware – edgy jewelry designed by tattoo artists, it’s a vintage sassy classy line."
D: "Daniel Rainn - silk tops & dresses with girlie prints."

B: Do you watch Project Runway?
H: "Yaaa... sometimes…I have kids. If I do it would be in between Sponge Bob."
D: "Yeess!"

B: What designer has the most space in your closet?
H: "It’s a mixed bag for sure, but definitely my favorite is Betsey Johnson."
D: "L.A.M.B."

B: Shoes or Handbags?
H: "Shoes AND handbags…wait, SHOES."
D: "Shoes, definitely!"

B: Flats or Heels?
H: "Heels for sure! Please, I don’t even own flats except for gym shoes."
D: "Heels even though I'm wearing flats right now."

B: Wine or Champagne?
H: "Both, but wine if I had to pick."
D: "Champagne, nice and bubbly."

B: What's the worse excuse an employee has used for not coming into work?
H: "A manager threw up on herself in the car on the way to work... supposedly."
D: "They couldn't find their teeth... and that is not lie. He later found them in the dishwasher believe it or not."

B: Would you rather be a model or a designer?
H: "Designer."
D: "I'd have to say a designer."

B: What's your favorite 4 letter word?
H: "Love."
D: "I don't think I can say that."

B: Finish the following statement...
"I wish I had more time to _________ "
H: "Spend with my family."
D: "Travel."

And the truely important question...
B: Who is going to get the FREE pair of shoes from Menbur?
D: "Actually we had this discussion. I asked her, Are you getting the right or left shoe? We are close enough in size so we can trade off."

These lucky and loved ladies certainly deserve the recognition as great boutique owners, they have a new store and their cutting edge approach and positive energy have been welcomed with open arms. Thanks to all of you who cast your vote and showed your support to ALL of our hard working boutique owners. Wasn't it fun to show them some love?

A well heeled hug and kiss goes out to Jeannette from Menbur. If you haven't scoped out these chic European shoes and handbags, do it now! We are dying over their darling details, smorgasbord of styles, and their uniquely euro flair and fit.

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