Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hey Gorgeous! Boutique - Girly Glamour at Gasp-Worthy Prices

Hey Gorgeous! Boutique - Newport Beach, Orange County Boutique Pique
By: Erica Hahn @ Boutiquing

Set the Scene: I hear, "Hey Gorgeous!" but there aren't any cat-calling workers in sight, just a friendly face telling me there is no need to be humble in this happening boutique on Newport Blvd. The bright boutique reflects owner Valerie's bubbly and personal approach to shopping with vibrant turquoise walls, gold accents and homey decor. Amidst ornate mirrors and an over-flowing vanity (reminiscent of every girl's dream dollhouse), Hey Gorgeous! is the perfect place to play dress-up with your gal pals.

Labels We Love: Valerie values quantity when it comes to her closet, so she scours fashion districts across the country to find lesser known labels with big style and puny price tags so you can easily walk out with two outfits for under $100. Don't miss the flirty feminine designer she found through etsy, Rachael Broussard, and her frilly party frocks.

Prepare to Pay:
CLOTHING: $25 to $100
DENIM: long, lean and only $44
SHOES: sky-high heels for under $60
HANDBAGS: $25-$60
JEWELRY: stock up with $5 earrings and necklaces under $25
UNDER $80? Pretty much everything.

You're Invited: Don't miss the Hey Gorgeous! Sex and the City party this SUNDAY! SEE DETAILS>>

Summed Up in a Sentence: Hey Gorgeous! Boutique delivers fashionable finds to savvy stylistas who want to buy now and buy often, without worrying about wearing down the wallet.

Hey Gorgeous! Boutique
1808 Newport Blvd.
Costa Mesa, CA 92727

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