Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Boutiques ON the Beaten Path

By: April Madigan @ Boutiquing

Got kids?
If they are anything like mine you probably find yourself more often in the dairy section of your local grocery store than shopping the racks of your favorite boutique. Last night, as I wandered the aisles of Whole Foods I realized, I could grab the milk- skip the impulse buys in the prepared food section -and hit a great boutique before anyone even noticed I was gone.

And so, here is my list of favorite boutiques that are grocery store adjacent. That’s right, stick to your actual grocery list and spend the money you saved on something pretty just for you… I don’t even think these boutiques would mind if you showed up with the kids in one of those race car carts.

Blue Eyed Girl – San Clemente, Talega Village Center – near Ralph’s

Girl Talk! – Lake Forest, off El Toro Road – near Ralph’s

La Diva & Royalty for Men, Millie, and Trio – Crystal Cove, off PCH near Trader Joe’s

Laguna Supply – Laguna Beach, on Beach St. across from Whole Foods

Little – Laguna Beach, on Ocean Ave across from Whole Foods

Pink Mascara – Irvine, near Trader Joe’s

– Dana Point, off Camino Del Avion – next to Monarch Beach Market

Sienna Brown – Corona Del Mar Plaza, across from Bristol Farms

So add a little boutique shopping to the list, and don’t forget to at least bring home one bag from the grocery store…that is why you went out in the first place, remember?

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