Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vocabulary Boutique - Swanky Sweet Style

Vocabulary - Little Italy, San Diego Boutique Pique
By: Erin Hall @ Boutiquing

Set The Scene: Aqua blue walls with swanky wall cutouts, embossed tin ceiling, sweet styles hanging on simple iron racks, and white eye-lit covered lamps hanging over plush french vintage chairs woo you in with charisma and charm. Trust me, you will circle multiple times in this haven of locally designed delights, finding something new at every intimate's plainly obvious why clients hire owner Cecilia to design their homes.

Labels We Love: Dainty, darling & daring tops, dresses and knits from Corey Lynn Calter, Olive & Olivia, Audrey Collective Concepts and Kara Joy. Wood table tops delicately displaying the most desirable jewelry from french designer LouLou Bijoux and handpicked pieces from local San Diego designers. A precisely picked presentation of English Laundry, Howe and Modern Amusement for the men. Archipelago candles add to the ambiance and drift through the air and adorable organic gerber onesies and swaddle blankets made with fabric swatches or custom order one with a monogram.

Childrens clothing onesizes and swadle blankets, organic gerber onezies decorated with completely fabric $22, blankets $28 perfect set $45 takes custom order monogramed

Prepare to Pay:
Clothing - Ladies and gents, prepare to be pleased... $30-$150, baby onesies and matching swaddle blankets $45
Jewelry - $12-75, almost too good to be true jewelry at lusciously low prices, I skipped out with some sassy gunmetal chandeliers for $16!
Home Decor - $18-$60
Furniture - locally designed with vintage flair, NTZ designs bamboo dining table $1200, hand poured concrete coffee table $450, and utterly unique lighting elements $150-$250
Under $80 - Plenty!

Summed Up in a Sentence:
What ever your need (mens, womens, childrens, gifts or home), for swanky style and elegant indie ease at shockingly sweet prices, Vocabulary in Little Italy is the boutique to befriend...and nurture a lonnnnng relationship with!
414 W. Cedar Street
San Diego, CA 92101
(in Little Italy)


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