Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Left My Heart at LF - San Francisco

San Francisco Boutique Pique
By: Nikki Jong @ Boutiquing

Sequins! Studs! Shiny things! Glitz and glam abound at LF San Francisco, which is basically the Las Vegas of Boutiques. Everywhere you look, there’s something new, gorgeous, fascinating and kind of puzzling (as in: how does this go on?) to enjoy. Even the displays have opulent, over-the-top Vegas-style overtones.

Glitzy distractions aside, LF San Francisco is an ace at customer service. If I closed my eyes, I’d swear I was at the Bellagio. I was greeted right away, I never had to carry a thing, and when I got to the dressing room, I was offered a bottle of water. Not only that, two rounds of suggested pieces magically made their way to me—at impeccably timed intervals—as I tried on some look-at-me amazing tops and jackets. And know what? Every recommendation was spot-on: a good fit for my body type and in line with my original picks. It doesn’t get better than this unless you’re shopping with a personal stylist.

Here’s the skinny: this is the spot for no-holds-barred trend shopping. We’re talking animal print, studs, fringe, faux fur, sequins and lots of it. It’s not the spot to stock up on basics, although you might find a few—like a slinky tank to wear under your new statement piece. Almost all of the clothing lines are European, with the exception of some denim, and knit line Emma & Sam. Everything I tried on was well made, and well worth a splurge.

In fact, I fell in lust a couple of times, once with a lace bolero and then again with a fringe blazer, both by Millau. Other designers include Chandelier, TFNC London, Kosmika, Kal Kaur Rai and Duke & Duchess. American designers make an appearance in footwear, with kicky picks from Jeffrey Campbell, Seychelles and Naughty Monkey.

Bottom line: if you’re looking to bust out your inner showgirl, LF San Francisco is the place to get dolled up and get your sparkles on.

LF San Francisco

1870 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 90405
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