Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beech Boutique - Total Temptation for Trendsters

La Jolla, San Diego Boutique Pique
by: Erin Hall @ Boutiquing

If Betsy Johnson's youngest daughter felt led to open a boutique for all her budgeted beauties and fashion loving friends... I imagine it would feel a lot like Beech Boutique in La Jolla. Colossal color splashes, massive mannequins, vibrant texture variations, funky flare and dance pop tunes all designed to take you on a tempting trendster trail at this beach city boutique. Beech is the perfect place for tracking down all the must have current trends as declared by People Style Watch at prices you can afford to ditch when they move from the "IN" list to the "OUT" list.

With new shipments every week, Beech Boutique delivers a display of dazzling, darling and debonaire dresses from Rubber Ducky, Holly G, and Audrey for an array of occasions. Funky flannels, sexy slung sweatshirts by Love Stitch, daring and down right doable denim from Plastic (premium jeans at a moderate prices) and colorful and crazy jewelry will have you adorning and accessorizing every adorable outfit ensemble. Find flirty tees, funky clutches and trinket treasures stocked in shelves surrounding the store.

So whether your looking to relax or grab some attention, make it a "Beech" day and feed your need for the trendiest fashion without fracturing your financial future!

7874 Girard Ave.
La Jolla, CA 92037

Sunday - Thursday
10am - 9pm

Friday & Saturday
10am - 10pm

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