Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bettina - Beautiful Boutiqing Bliss

San Francisco Boutique Pique
By: Nikki Jong @ Boutiquing

Bettina strikes a perfect balance with its relaxed vibe and chic aesthetic. This spacious boutique is flooded with natural light, but that's only one of a handful of reasons why it's so inviting. It's no secret that San Francisco real estate is at a premium, and oftentimes large boutiques make a misstep in overstocking merchandise simply to fill the floor. At Bettina, it's the exact opposite-and the result is a welcoming space that encourages you to take your time and enjoy your visit. Comfortable leather armchairs flank a coffee table stocked with glossies, and Bettina offers other thoughtful touches such as warm beverage to warm you up on a brisk day, and dog treats for canine neighbors who stop by with their owners. Bettina has cultivated a family among it's staff (affectionately know as B.Girls), and it shows On the store's web site, the stylish B.Girls identify favorite seasonal picks and talk about their personal aesthetics. It's clear these ladies value their clientele. This is the kind of customer experience all boutique should aim to deliver, and Bettina nails it.

Another thing that sets Bettina apart: the boutique carries European designers that are nearly impossible to find elsewhere in the City, as well as Thai and Malaysian designers that you won't see anywhere else. Bettina's eponymous jersey line (featuring tops, cardigans and dresses) is produced in Thailand, where owner Doretta Boehm travels religiously to attend Fashion Week. You'll find some recognizable names at Bettina as well, from Nicholas K and heikerjarick to Velvet (Ashley Judd is a fan) and BB Dakota. There's also a lovely section of cocktail dresses with standout designs by Mimi Turner, USE unused and Zara. It was nice to see a range of sizes in the denim selection to suit the slim as well as the curcy; Bettina carries J Brand jeans, worn by celebs like Angelina Jolie. Even if you're a heels girl through and through, it's be quite the feat if you could pass up the enviable selection of ballet flats from French favorite Repetto. And if you are a heels girl, all the more reason to hoof it down to Bettina; you'll have a nice, comfy chair waiting for you when your tootsies give out from all the shopping.

3615 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, CA 94118

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