Sunday, September 20, 2009

BOUTIQUING.COM BLOWOUT SALE - An Amazing Day of Deals from Orange County's Best Boutiques!

Words cannot express how amazing the shopping experience was yesterday at the Boutiquing Blowout Sale. You can see by the length of this line, you missed out if you weren't there. Before the day was even over, boutique owners, vendors and shoppers kept asking "When is the NEXT Boutiquing Blowout Sale?!" Trust us, after yesterdays success, will be bringing you more massive sales in the very near future. Keep checking back for upcoming dates!

If you loved shopping the boutiques at the
Boutiquing Blowout Sale,

then you'll LOVE!

What You'll Find on
Boutiquing Blowout Participating Boutiques
Boutiquing Blowout Participating Vendors
Swag Bags Donators
Photos from the event will be posted this week, check back to see if YOUR famous!

**Do Not Forget**


Monday 9/21 - 10am
go to

posting (10) raffle ticket #'s & names
FIRST person to send an email with a photo of their ticket to WINS!!
(1o) raffles tickets name & #'s will be added till a winner is confirmed.

$50 Gift Gertificate
x 30 Boutiques & Vendors

Many thanks to Liz from the Veggie Grill for the yummy carrot cakes bites and gift certificates & The Village Starbucks Staff for the refreshing tea bar and iced coffee!

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  1. Looks like a great event, ladies! Congratulations. :) So bummed I couldn't make it. Hopefully, we'll see many more to come!


  2. Same here! Awesome job ladies and I look forward to making it to the next Boutiquing Blowout!