Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Macalistaire at 1850 - Stunning & Stellar Vintage

South Laguna, Orange County Boutique Pique
By: Erin Hall @ Boutiquing

Hello, my name is Erin, and I'M a vintage whore. There I said it, I own in and you'll find me regularly walking the streets of South Laguna at the newly opened Macalistaire at 1850 Vintage Boutique. The word "Vintage" conjures up so many meanings...to some it's comedy because it looks (or smells) like a grandma, to others it's nostalgic because it carries a story, to others it's a bit scary because they want to, but don't understand how to wear it now. For me vintage represents originality and personality for a look that can never be duplicated. Walking into Macalistaire at 1850 was like finding the best flea market, estate sale and thrift shop in one bright and open Laguna location. It all made sense after owner Rachiel shared with me how she grew up as a poor "garage sale junkie" kid. Over the years Rachiel's house and it's unique contents have drawn the attention of friends, stylists and magazines (her home decor was featured in Country Home as a national campaign) asking "can I buy that from you?" and that's what prompted her to open her own vintage boutique.

Because her "real job" is a high school math teacher (yes, I know, this boutique owner is a TOTAL anomaly!) Rachiel recognizes the need for a place where all ages and budgets can shop quality vintage clothing, jewelry and home decor. She clearly has a talented eye, because Macalistaire at 1850 is stocked with a large selection of clean, gently worn and stunning hand picked pieces. Refreshingly shopable and spacious, bright blocks of color and patterns draw your eye in for a closer look. Each week a seamstress comes in giving each new piece some TLC. Offering a wide selection of decades and sizes, Macalistaire at 1850 has everything from expensive and desired YSL, Gucci, St. John and Lanvin to dresses, purses and jewelry under $30. See the black 70's caftan I feel in love with and instantly posted on Twitter here. I absolutely love clutches and found a wide selection of styles, materials, colors and handles. Silk scarves, leather jackets and brocade swing jackets had me yearning for fall sooner than later.

In the back of the boutique is a early nineteenth century Oriental jewelry case shaped like a half moon with swivel center drawers, each home to piece of accessory pie heaven. Unlike any other display case I've ever seen, I had to set my purse down to examine the exclusive and uncommon selection of vintage pieces, each demanding individual attention for complete appreciation. Indian inspired filigree gold earrings, chunky turquoise and silver necklaces, retro and ornate medallion chains and gem stone cocktail rings the size of quarters all sparkled with individuality as the one of kind statement pieces they are.
The left side of this large Laguna boutique is dedicated to vintage home decor including couches, lamps, picture frames, dressers, coffee tables and more. A small section of meticulously picked men's clothing sits underneath a chandelier draped with neck ties for the most artistic funk and flare. You will spend three times longer than you thought in Macalistaire at 1850 exploring and hearing the stories behind each piece. I got so excited and distracted that I lost sense of time and walked out to a nice ticket on my car windshield...thanks city of Laguna Beach, I'm SO happy to ensure job security for your employees. Bottom line, throw extra quarters in, Macalistaire at 1850 deserves the time and delivers a vintage buzz that will keep you going back for more!

Macalistaire at 1850
1850 S. Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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  1. ...part of me wants to keep Macalistaire as my own little vintage secret. I love having people ask me where I find my fabulous jewelry & handbags...

  2. Amazing store. So many little and big unique finds. I'm able to keep my own style with a fun flair!

  3. Oh gosh, I must visit this store as I'm a vintage whore myself. I sell vintage on ebay from amazing insane deals I find. I write about this on my blog as well or you can see my things on ebay here I'm glad I found this blog too! You may get a kick outta my book Thrift Store Goldmines

  4. It's easy to find Home Décor for decorating your home in a modern style.

  5. Great shop. Great site. LoVe vintage!!!!!