Friday, June 26, 2009

Adania's - Fun and Friendly Fashion Finds

Yorba Linda, Orange County Boutique Pique
By: April Madigan @ Boutiquing

Pulling up to this well situated boutiquing stop, amidst a grocery store and a great breakfast spot, I was instantly inspired by the large courtyard entry leading to the welcoming doorway of Adania's boutique. I thought to myself..."This place must have some great events...perfect location!" And I was right...more on that in a minute:) Boutique experience first...I was in complete boutiquing bliss as I pulled gorgeous clothes off the wall mounted racks and gushed over their unique and vintage chic appeal.

On this particular boutiquing day I had my one year old partner in crime with me...anyone who has ever stroller shopped knows the for a coffee and a hook for my bags...this is way better than a sugar daddy! Well. Did I pick the perfect kid friendly boutiquing destination...not only were Adania's styles completely appropriate for my double life, great casual pieces and perfect event dresses...Adania herself could not have been more attentive to both my son and I, her warmth and genuine interest in helping me navigate the store at my own pace and her passion for every piece she stocks endearing...she almost shed a tear over the ivory floral cuff I purchased...but, I assured her it was going to a worthy home.

Other objects I desired were beautiful ladylike coats by Fumblin' Foe, cocktail worthy little colored dresses by Miss Me, casual shorts and blousy tops and a great collection of shoes from an old standby, Chinese Laundry. I also enjoyed playing in the jewelry box, a spiny tree branch decorated with delicate and bold noticeable accessories alike, a great counterpoint to the chunky statement making cuffs on display from Mary Lou's Vintage. Adania takes pride in the range of styles she has in store, and eagerly anticipates matching the right woman with the right piece.

As I mentioned...she has the perfect location to host a great event, and she has a really interesting one coming up. A trunk show and fashion show featuring Mary Lou's Vintage and Chinese Laundry is happening on July 25th. Erin and I attended a Mary Lou's trunk show and trust us...her eye for a vintage find and the way she makes vintage feel and look new are worth saving this date...she is a master. So, don't worry about the babysitter - kids are welcome and will be doted upon...just get there, and be ready for some one of a kind splurges that you may need to explain to the husband... but hey, she offers a discount when you bring back her reuseable shopping bag...just tell him that it is like shopping at the grocery you he already tuned you out:)

Adania's Boutique
29463 Yorba Linda Blvd.
Yorba Linda, CA 92886

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  1. Welcome to SITS! We are excited to have you.

  2. I LOVE THIS BOUTIQUE! Everytime I have an event, the first place I go to is ADANIAS. She has every look you can imagine. Had my mom's birthday party, she had the perfect classy dress. Going to Vegas for the weekend, she has the HOTTEST dresses and sexy pieces! Adania has an amazing eye for fashion, I never go without a purchase as I always find something that fits me and my budget, can't get enough. It's rare to find a boutique with such high end fashions for such affordable prices, it's absolutely the perfect place to shop, looking forward to her red carpet trunk show in July!